January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We wish you all a Happy New Year for 2019.

We can’t believe that the new year has come in so quickly. Thank you all so much for your beautiful gifts. It was very kind of you. We hope you enjoyed your gifts and photos from your children for Christmas.

Soon we will be preparing for spring and all the new things that it brings. Some of our children will be planting vegetables and fruit in the garden soon. We will be planning a few trips in the minibus too.
There will also be more improvements in our facilities coming up in the near future.
It is also that time of year when we are wondering if the snowy weather from last year will hit us again ❄☃️. We wanted to be prepared in advance just in case!!

We will keep you all fully updated daily if snow is forecast ,as to the opening of the Crèches ,Breakfast club and After school . We will do our very best to facilitate all our children but we cannot predict an unprecedented amount of snow like 2018 . We would be so grateful if you would phone us on those mornings that you are unsure ❄.

We thank you for your your continued support,

Kind regards
Yvonne Tierney (Auntie)