Baby Room



Our Little Angels rooms have been designed with your baby’s total care in mind.
We offer a curriculum that is specially tailored to your baby’s need’s and character, developed by personally discussing your baby with you.
Our team will focus on every aspect of care including music, grasping games, movement, storytelling and visual focus.
We have a fully equipped nursery, changing area, cot room and garden area.
As in all our Creche’s and Afterschool we have an open door policy and you are welcome anytime.

Over 32 Years Experience in childcare


Wobbler Room



Our Little Steps room has been designed for children just learning to wobble!
In this area we aim to continue to encourage and enhance your child ‘s
physical, emotional, social and cognitive language development.

What can they do alone?
What can they do with assistance?

are some of the questions we ask before developing a programme for them.

Our day starts with breakfast time followed by circle time and then the days planned and varied activities. These activities incorporate art, tactile toys and equipment, games and music. We have a sleep area, changing area and an outdoor garden specifically for Little Steps and as an added aid.

Purpose built play areas for your child’s growth and education


Toddler Room



Our Little Giggles room is the next step your children will take. This is where we offer an introduction to simple Montessori equipment. We help develop more complex hand eye coordination skills, messy play, singing, poetry, dancing, outdoor play and generally expressing their own characters and confidence.
These type of experiences serve to create and recreate the theories about the world they learn in.

Highly skilled staff and teachers to get your child ready for primary school


“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own desire to learn”………Maria Montessori

Our Little Stars Montessori room

In our Montessori Classrooms children are given the freedom to choose activities from a carefully prepared environment.
This prepared environment is key!!
Through careful observation of the child, teachers can provide the right lessons for the child’ s development. When a child chooses his or her own work it shows how they are genuinely interested in learning and develop a deep concentration and love for varied subjects. Because it is a mixed age classroom some older children will be more advanced in their abilities than their younger peers.
Our older children are encouraged to help and teach what they know to the younger children. Leadership encourages responsibility as well as creativity and interpersonal skills.
We also have many varied group activities and lessons such as storytelling, singing, early Geography and music.
We have plenty of outside time in our garden and now we have a new Mini Bus available for outings.

Grace and Courtesy
Through grace and courtesy activities, we teach your child how to solve conflicts, how to act politely in social occasions and how to be kind and helpful to friends. This creates a peaceful environment where children are able to speak with kindness and confidence to one another and adults.

Our motto is



Here at Willow House Childcare we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide services you have requested from us.